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Lani Kira..

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Lani Kira..

Post by Lani on Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:38 pm

Demonic City of the Night

Name: Lani Kira
Age: 20 but unknowe
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Bisexual-single
Race: Shinigami
Rank: High Ranked Retired Shinigami
Good or Evil: Evil-ish
Hair: Red/Brown, Mid length in human form, long in Shinigami form.
Eyes: Red
Markings: Has a faint scare on her left hip.
Personality: All rounder, she's serious, calm, Hyper childish and many others. People tend to say she got a split personality but she hasn't, she likes to play with peoples mind. Yet all this is actually hiding her True High Ranked Shinigami.
"I used to hate my red hair that was just like my father's. I used to hate red."
- Madam Red, Kuroshitsuji
Likes: Blood, Old friends, reaping souls, Toying with peoples minds and Tea.
Dislikes: Not allowed to give people nicknames, Disrespectful to her and Coffee
#81FF38]Habits: Gives people nicknames (Both good and bad)
Turn On: Bondage and roughness.
Turn Off: Soft.
"It's useless. A tiny mouse can run anywhere, but they are always in my sight."
- Maylene, Kuroshitsuji
Weapon: Shinigami Scythe Named, Ichigo
Picture of Weapon: Lani and her scythe Ichigo
Strengths & Weakness of your Weapon: Weapon is impossible to break, never rusts, yet not easy to hide due to it's size. The weapon as it's own power to be able to slow down time, which Lani dislikes greatly unless she reaping.
Ability: Deactivating She can deactivates peoples abilities, by simply using her own.
Strengths & Weakness of your Ability:
Weakness Only can use her ability on two or three people at a time. It doesn't work on other shinigami. With a lot of focus it can work on demons
ß Strength She can deactivates peoples abilities as long as needed. Easily used on angels and Special humans
''How does my blood smell? Do you want to devour me now?''
- Alois Trancy, Kuroshituji
History: Lani she was born from the chosen few first Shinigami ever existed, her life was to protect the royal family and reaping dead souls. Till she was around 120, thats when the Shinigami race started to grow many more shinigami were born or created. Was Lani born? or was she created? She was Born, both of Her Parent's were Shinigami yet her mother was ancestors were Demons, This makes her Shinigami form more demonic. She taught many young Shinigami how to customize there 'Scythes'.

After 200 years now, she was in her 300s years of age. She grow tired of teaching, she still protected the royal family, she became an assistant to the King along with 2 other Shinigami. In these years Lani became aware there was a betrayer in Shinigami realm. She was given this task from the King and Prince to slay the Betrayer, erasing them from all four realms. She did that night came it wasn't one that was the betrayer there was four. The two assistants to the king, a time Keeper and a collector. The Two assistants were taken down first, quickly as possible, yet she wasn't unscrapped, she got stabbed by the shinigami's scythe in her left hip leaving a scare to this very day. She went back to the King to report her findings and killings about the four betrayers. Later that year the King sent Lani to the human realm for a ''Holiday'' Break. In that ''holiday break'' she came across many stupied humans and she met Clark Joseph Kent in other words superman. She met him during her hourly Reapings of the night, he tired to stop her form reaping, he failed big time.

After her encounter with Clark Joseph Kent. She went back to her home realm. A big up roar was kicking off some demon was in there Realm? Lord? Sebastian? She actually met him. When she met him she was charmed by him and his ways. She always kept a watchful eye on him, She flirted with him, excusing the man as One HELL of a butler. But it did not last, He left. She soon was one of the people that helped solve the Jack the Ripper with a few other Shinigami and Sebastian aka Lord.

She when worked under the King assistants again till he passed away letting his child taking place of the throne. She soon retired from her ranking, still holding High respect, she now tends to roam over all realms.
High Ranked Retired Shinigami

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