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Signing up for Apartments

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Signing up for Apartments

Post by Head Admin on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:54 pm

In Each Apartment will be a single or two beings per Apartment/flat.

Seiteki Apartments Building
This Seiteki Apartment Building is more of luxury and pleasure or Sexual Pleasure. Rich People, pain, Partying, Profit and etc.

Fushidara Apartment Building

The Fushidara Apartment Building is more carefree and messy. Childish, Artistic, Partying, Hyper and etc

Yasui Apartment Building

The Yasui Apartment Building is more for the inner peace. Calm, Quiet and Silences

Please Reply in this topic by using the code below.

[color=#81FF38]Name: [/color] (Your Creations Name)
[color=#81FF38] Apartment Building: [/color] ( Seiteki or Fushidara or Yasui)
[color=#81FF38]Apartment Number: [/color] (any number you wish as long as it's not taken already.)
[color=#81FF38]Willing to Share: [/color] (Are you wiling to have a roommate? Yes or No?)

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