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The Groups

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The Groups

Post by Lord on Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:06 am

The Groups


A pure being with Crystal white wings. Seem kind and caring, but not if your a demon. Angels and Demons be fighting for years. Angels live on Earth but mainly live up in heaven.
They all know the art of Healing and Taming Special Humans
Get Along with: Special Humans - Shinigami(Soemtimes)
How can they die? : Being killed by a Shinigami or Demon.
Ranks: Royal Family (OPEN. Royal family, kings, queens etc.)
Arch angel (Serve directly under the royal family)
Blesser (OPEN. They Bless the evil, yet they are the opposite to the Demon Contactors. They make contracts yet they try to lead there master into the light not the dark)
Fallen Angels (OPEN. Angel's that have been tinted with darkness.)
Angel (OPEN. normal angels)
Fledgling (OPEN. A young angel)


Impure, Lustful, Evil, Sinners etc.
They have many forms animal form, human and the original form, some never show there original form to anyone.
They all also know the Art of Illusion and dark arts.
Get Along with: Special Humans and Shinigami(Sometimes)
How can they die? : Being killed by a Shinigami or Angel (It takes more then a swing of a blade to kill them or a bullets)
Rank: Royalty (OPEN. Demon Royalty, king queen etc.)
Hell's Butler/Maid Lord aka 'Sebastian' (OPEN. Highly Ranked Demon. Under King and Queen. 1 male space left. 2 Female spaces left. -)
Contractors (OPEN. Contractors they make contracts with humans or Special Beings. Helps them achive their masters goal and at the end of there life takes there soul)
Demon's Pet (OPEN. They work with the contractors and are very loyal to there Contractor.)
Suckling (OPEN. A newly born demon -A child-)


They look after the dead. They are neither good or evil. They customize there "Scythes" or "Shinigami's Death Tool" to their needs yet if the weapon is registered they will be given a paper of scissors. Some have natuerally learnt how to control time and death.
Get Along with: Everyone really
How can they die? : Being killed by another Shinigami.
Death's Mistress/Master
- (OPEN. Basically The Princess of Shinigami)
Noble Shinigami (OPEN. High Ranking Shinigami that are mainly in charge of the Shinigami realm)
Time Keeper (OPEN. A Shinigami thats incharge of the book of people death times. If someone dies before their time he/she can rewrite the time, bringing them back to life)
Memory Keeper (OPEN. A shinigami that works longside the Time Keeper. This person is in charge of the Shinigami Library and dead peoples memories.)
Collecters (OPEN. Collects dead peoples souls, taking them back to the shinigami Realm)
Retired Shinigami (OPEN. Basically what it means. Yet they are highly respected.)


Speical Human

They are different they are humans with abilities or cross human or related to human such as Vampires and other Mythical creatures
Get along with: Everyone
How can they die? : Being killed by another Special human or Shinigami or Angel or Demon.
Rank: (Neko, Wolves, bats, vampire etc. PM admin what you want to be and we will she what we can do.)
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