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Post by Head Admin on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:02 pm

1. DON'T SPAM! -We admins hates this.

2. If you died PM an Admin or ME! -Cause lets face it, it would suck to be dead.

3. Please use PMs for sexual matters please. Example: Allows anyone in underwear, but no Sexual action such as fucking! keep it at 15 Rated.

4. Don't settle Personal Issues on this site! -If you do this more then once You'll be banned for a day or two.

5. If someone is being Horrible/Mean on this site to you, PM a Admin, We/I will settle the hassle

6. No GODMODING! - We admins hate this. Only Admins can godmode DEPENDING on whats going on in the role play

7. No one lining! We want DEATIL people. Not this. 'He walked into the shop grab a tin of baked beans and paid then walked off' WE WANT THIS THIS '24 Year old male, brunette, green eyes, in Street punk styled clothing, He entered the small local shop, Why are he here? For some bake beans. But he's never been on this shop before. Actually he just recently moved, about 3 days ago. As he enters the shop he heard the bell above the door ring. Then is quest began.. Searching for bake beans. It was easy to find right? But NNNOOOOO! lif isn't easy He couldn't find them, he was a timid guy, he didn't like asking for help. Yet he wanted to look on his own first..' -And so on!

8. Not create Useless topics that people are going to use once! -Sorry but it takes up space, cyber space people.

9. If you are leaving for a short time please leave a message in the OOC box.-Well look forward to having you back.

10. Have fun!

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